Ur such a kunt shirt

 Ur such a kunt shirt

Believe me, they will easily forget you, easily say they don’t love you anymore when the Ur such a kunt shirt What’s more,I will buy this time comes were you break up with them, or block them, shut that door down because they never did love. Maybe send you a long letter or message explaining, apologising #NB really it’s not an apology #NB for them to feel better about themselves, like Covert Narcissist, to feel superior, to score because they realised what they lost not because they love you, want to fix the mess they created because they value you and what you gave them. People who loved Rome the most and who were the most keen to call themselves Romans were those who came to Rome from elsewhere and those who had their parents came from elsewhere. Those were the most passionate believers of Rome. They were also those who ended it, as History has it.

Ur such a kunt shirt

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